Teekkarimetsästäjät ry in english

(Teekkarimetsästäjät = Polytechnic Hunters but all students in Aalto are welcome to join)

TeMe is a hunting club of the student union of Aalto University. It was founded in 1967, and has grown ever since. We currently have approximately 50 active members, of which part has already graduated.

We have many activities, from elk hunt (also known as moose in the former North American colonies) on our hunting grounds in central Finland to small predator (including bunnies) population control next to Otaniemi. Our history also holds hunting trips e.g. to Lapland and neighbouring countries.

It may be possible for the enthusiastic exchange students to get a chance to experience the Finnish hunting culture with us. Over the years a few have joined. To hunt in Finland, usually having a hunting license in your home country is needed.

The best way to get a hold of us is by coming to Wednesday sauna: on Wednesdays at 18:45-20:15 at JMT 6 cellar sauna. We often continue our evening afterwards at our club room, which is located at JMT 1 B cellar. Ask for more information if needed by e-mail or with a contact form below.


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